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Holiday memories may bring a smile this season

Holidays call out each of us in a unique way. For some, it is a time of increased stress and overwhelming plans that could or not to comply in time. For others, it is the memories of how things used to be back when our loved ones were celebrating with us.

Regardless of who you can be, the holiday is a time to reflect, remember and rejoice in the gifts that can not be bought in a store. If you have a family and are racing around in the traffic of cars and people trying to meet familial expectations stop for just a second. Just one because it is probably the only thing that you may have, and in fact, everything you need. While taking the second and consider the blessings all around you … to be alive at that moment  of the loved ones in your life and what they bring. You might say “stress” but really, you know that there is much more to the value of each member of the family if they are children, parents, partners, pets and even friends.

You can be a caregiver for ill loved one this holiday. Life could be a barrage of tasks and chores intertwined with the added expectations of the holidays. I remembered my own experience celebrating the holiday with my ill loved ones. I had four Christmas “with my mother who had died nearly a fifth in while she was sick and needed constant care. And each of the four years that we’d had with her was magical because we had not known come next year, if there was one. We had received our time with her every day and most especially, on holidays.

And then there are those who celebrate the holidays sad. They had lost a loved one recently   maybe or maybe years ago and still is a holiday still reap the same memories of loss. However, they can also bring any tears, my times when they were with you and what they contributed to the holidays. Maybe it had been a tradition they had instilled or in a way that they had done something that had only belonged to them. Think back  does not include those amazing memories of when you remember, they are still “live” in the memory. It’s OK to smile in their memory. They hope that you could!

And no matter what position you are living in this holiday season, may your holidays be filled with wonderful memories and brilliant smile to last all year!

How to decorate the house for Christmas holidays

With the onset of winter, the preparation for the festive season begins also. Christmas carols can be heard in the air and markets are lit up with colorful lights and many decorative items. The celebrations may be different in every corner of the world, but the enthusiasm and spirit of the festival ever be the same. Many people love to celebrate the festival by visiting the churches, making love, help the poor and to connect with friends and relatives.

There are some who decorate their homes in advance for Christmas Eve and stay in the charm of the festival. If you too are one of them and are looking for some new ideas to make your home ready for the season, here are some tips that can help you do the same thing in a different style.

1. Start with the front door, dedicated to the festival always starts with celebrations and nothing can be better than making your house ready for a festive affair. And the first step towards the same starting with the front door, the main entrance of the house from where you celebrate prosperity, peace and joy. Decorate the front door of your house so that each and every person who visits the house gets filled with festive energy and be happy at the same time. Take the help of colorful lights, balloons, banners, decorative wreaths, etc. can enhance the beauty and elegance of your home.

2. Set a theme for different rooms: Although Christmas is all about gifts, chocolate, light and a combination of white, green and red; it can still be held in the form of theme. Set a theme for each and every room and discover fun to see the house in diverse yet beautiful way. This unique approach will not only give a different look to your house, but will also add to the impeccable charm that will make you fall in love with it. These decorations will also attract the kids and make them happy to be part of the celebrations.

3. Do not forget the Christmas tree: Christmas tree decoration is an important part of the celebrations it goes even said before. There are many ways of celebrating the tree, traditional light up the tree, hanging stockings, put gifts, etc., but to do it in offbeat approach can absolutely make your celebrations unique thing. Create snow kind of touch on the Christmas tree by sprinkling glitters and covering it with white drapes. You might even try a unique method decoration by hanging wishing cards on it and ask your family or friends to write something that they want to get satisfied with Santa.

4. Set up the Christmas village: Now this is something exciting and unique way to celebrate the event with the help of which you can remember the traditions and the reason is celebrating the event. You can add a vibrant element by creating a play or act kind of thing and the participation of family members or friends who can create magic with the enactment of the story. There is also an interactive way to tell the story of the last children and make them dive into the past and know the real motive behind the same. Is not it interesting? So, get creative and try something new this time.

There are numerous ways to celebrate the event and decorate your home, you can try one of choice too. If you are not in the mood to celebrate Christmas at home, flying to a new destination by taking advantage of the Christmas travel deals available online.

How To Cure Christmas Hangover

All the celebration involves alcohol tend to leave feeling brain dumb, numb and confused. These grounds vary in severity thereof; while you may be okay very next morning, most times, it may be severe cases when you try to call your razor even two days later. Christmas parties are notorious for causing such extreme cases, and this is when you need to look out for the common hangover cures to get your body and brain to feel normal again.

Keep in mind that the hangover can be very serious at times, and if you do not take adequate measures, might not only cause you embarrassment and ridicule, but could also end up in dangerous accidents (especially if you happen to run). Try the following steps to get over a hangover quick phone.


Hangover are best spent unconscious. The single best remedy that works better than anything else is some good sleep. The hangover, your body needs energy to make you feel better and your organs work overtime to reduce the effects of chemicals and toxins. All this leave you drowsy, and the best thing at the moment is sleeping in order to avoid falling, crashing into something, or throw up in unlikelier places.


When the floor stops swaying and you can find out where the bathroom is, run yourself a nice, warm, and (preferably) salt water bath. One of the best hangover cure is a hot bath because alcohol is actually a poison and a hot bath makes you sweat and releases substances from the body. It refreshes you and also makes you feel better.

Drink water

In case you are not in the know, alcohol is a severe dehydrating agent, due to the presence of ethanol. To make up for the loss of fluid from the body, you have to add it by drinking plenty of water. Not soda, soft drinks, but only plain water. Drinking water will also save you from dry heaving and help you release toxins in the form of vomiting. Not a very pleasant experience, but it will help you recover faster and get back to life.

Have Carbs

Mild hangover usually require vitamin rich food, but in extreme cases, you also need carbohydrates along with vitamins. Carbohydrates not only for energy but also absorb the alcohol from your system, to help you recover from your hangover faster. Hangover usually a great excuse to eat bread, potatoes, potato chips and pretzels, which are loaded with carbohydrates.


As a last resort, you can also try the drugs to restore your hangover. But remember that this must be done if all else fails. Over the counter pills can be counter-productive given the alcohol already in the system, and can make matters worse. You could take Aspirin based medication, but remember that this can also cause side effects such as stomach irritation.

Hangover can seem like the end of the world at the moment, but the world still goes on and you will be part of it again in the soonest possible time. Try this hangover cure the next time you put yourself through Fender Bender and ends with a semi-functional brain.

Holiday Spirit

Christmas, when you have small children, is completely different vacation than when you are adult children. When you throw in the mix of having a job that usually begins in a different state a few days after Christmas, you have to work hard to get that holiday feeling. This Christmas is the second year in a row that Rob and I had left Nashville for Christmas and had to travel back home for the weekend or to go immediately after Christmas. The two years before that we had a bakery and worked on Christmas. It has been a tremendous struggle to get into the spirit of Christmas let alone be able to find the real holiday feeling. There has also been some time since we have even had a Christmas tree and this is the first of the years I did not even cook. However, this year, I believe I found that holiday feeling and I was surprised.

I come from a huge Italian family. When I was younger, we did all sea fish thing on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning was a huge deal. Even now my family immediate family has grown to a whopping 24 people. It’s just my siblings, children, and my parents so if we all lived in the same state, the holiday was rebellious most people, it is usually a spouse. However, growing up in a large family makes it difficult to adapt to a small quiet Christmas, but this year I finally have been able to reach the holiday spirit, even without a Christmas tree.

By late morning opening gifts, wandered the four blocks from our apartment and had a fine Italian meal. It was the sauce, meatballs were, there was vodka, there were smiles, were laughing, and it was the abdomen were filled just as much as if I had cooked. It was usually a long drawn out affair but when I was able to actually sit down and enjoy my family without being 100% tired of cooking. I did not rush through my meal to be able to clean up the kitchen to get ready for dessert. I was able to sit at the table without a care in the world and just be grateful and thankful. Grateful for the beautiful daughter graduating with her Masters in May. Thankful I could look at the other end of the table and see the beautiful daughter-in-law and a handsome husband, my son and see the love and happiness radiates from them. I looked next to my husband, who is always uncomfortable on vacation and he was laughing and having a good time. I put down my knife and fork and sat back in my chair and was overwhelmed by the love I felt for these four people. They were my everything and I felt incredibly lucky that we could all be around the table together Christmas.

When we wandered back to the apartment and sat filled our bellies on the couch, I thought about all the packing I had to get done in order to be able to drive away from the faces of a few months. For the first time, it will be easier for me to leave my little chickens because they are happy adults with lives of their own. I sat on the couch and thought how life changes and evolves, and if you’re lucky you figure out how to also develop. Once you figure out the recipe, life is good.