The Lies and ignorance Christmas

People who are so wild to be under the spell of make-believe and have fun usually love it. The question is what long-term damage and the effects of such things as Christmas is on them and their families? Most people would think of it as harmless and a great time for family reunions and an excuse to have a party. What is not clear is how many people commit suicide at this time and how many people are offended by the festival.

Origin is in worship the sun. The study of the origin of language and religion shows that all religions come from the same. Ancient men used to monitor the progression of the sun throughout the year with the view to increase by using a simple implementation of a rock on a stick. It had a hole in it where the rays come to produce a wonderful rainbow colored circles which gave it the name “Mary”. It translates as “powerful eye mother ‘.

The facts are that sun-worship against the Great Spirit of the universe. That alone is God and the false gods celebrate with festivals and ceremonies is remuneration dish out. This comes in the form of terrorism, climate change, natural disasters and other adverse events that led to the mass destruction of humanity. It also sees many people suffer because of the loss of family or rejection by those who do not hide the suicide rate soars.

On the other side children are lied to parents and the community in which they live. Commerce thrives as people rush to spend their money to make his family happy day or so. Many of them have debt and regret for anything up to 12 months or more after when they rush to do it all again. All this for a little bit so-called fun!

When Constantine established the Catholic Church and found the Avatar, Jesus Christ, He used the anniversary of the sun at the time of its arrival. The full story is given freely to help people understand how and why they were tricked into idols and make-believe. Pain God dished up by those who worship the sun is something for everyone to consider in light of the fact that the world is facing in the near future. Check out the websites listed below for more information.

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