Do not compare yourself with others during the holidays

We all compare ourselves with others at any time. However, this is especially true for the holidays. Somehow, we do exceeds our neighbors and look better than them. If we visit someone during the holidays and their house is all decked out, we want our house to be all decked out too. This can cause a lot of frustration and fatigue and it can lead us to many unhappy and stressful hours on days leading up to the holidays.

It is much better for us to simply decide for ourselves how we will decorate our homes without checking with the other. I think always when we compare ourselves to others, we do not trust us enough. We should just trust that how we choose to decorate and celebrate Christmas is definitely the right way for us and stop comparing ourselves to others all the time.

And if we happen to visit neighbors during the holidays, we should not be taking notes or carry our homes to them. Instead, we should simply enjoy our time together and share all the joy of the season. It is after all what the season is about.

Here are some reasons to compare yourself to others at Christmas.

1. You will feel dissatisfied

When you compare yourself to others all the time, you feel that you are missing something all the time and this can lead to a lot of unhappiness. The holidays come only once a year and for each of us to enjoy.

2. You feel inadequate

Comparison constantly forces us to feel like we’re not good enough. We may also obsess about why the friend has so much more than we do. Maybe your neighbor has a bigger house, more decorative and more light. But so what? You should be happy for them and stop comparing yourself because it and the decorations are not a true measure of adequate and whether you will have a good Christmas.

3. You will feel more pain

When arthritis sufferers feel inadequate for comparison they will feel more pain and discomfort. Comparison is such a waste of time and energy. And arthritis sufferers do not have a lot of energy anyway, it is best not to worry about trivial things such as who has more decorations.

4. Your self-esteem will be hurt

When you feel like someone else always has more than you, you do not feel as worthy as your neighbor. But this comparison is fickle and based on how you feel at the time. If you feel low anyway, as many arthritis sufferers do every single day because of the pain and fatigue, you will feel your neighbor has it so much better than you. But are these beliefs actually true or are they merely reflections of negative or false Plans how you feel? This is very difficult to answer in the abstract. But I think the fair rule of thumb is to try not to compare yourself to others all the time or make negative comparisons for you so that you do not always feel frustrated and not quite good enough.

Given these reasons, it is much better for you to compare yourself to others at Christmas. So you will enjoy your vacation more, and you will be able to take the time to enjoy some of the wonderful things that the holiday offer.

We all deserve to have a good holiday. So, why not start by trying to truly enjoy what you and your family and home as it is not as you want it to be. Living in modern times where you are is your ticket to enjoy the holidays and make meaningful memories.

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