Holiday memories may bring a smile this season

Holidays call out each of us in a unique way. For some, it is a time of increased stress and overwhelming plans that could or not to comply in time. For others, it is the memories of how things used to be back when our loved ones were celebrating with us.

Regardless of who you can be, the holiday is a time to reflect, remember and rejoice in the gifts that can not be bought in a store. If you have a family and are racing around in the traffic of cars and people trying to meet familial expectations stop for just a second. Just one because it is probably the only thing that you may have, and in fact, everything you need. While taking the second and consider the blessings all around you … to be alive at that moment  of the loved ones in your life and what they bring. You might say “stress” but really, you know that there is much more to the value of each member of the family if they are children, parents, partners, pets and even friends.

You can be a caregiver for ill loved one this holiday. Life could be a barrage of tasks and chores intertwined with the added expectations of the holidays. I remembered my own experience celebrating the holiday with my ill loved ones. I had four Christmas “with my mother who had died nearly a fifth in while she was sick and needed constant care. And each of the four years that we’d had with her was magical because we had not known come next year, if there was one. We had received our time with her every day and most especially, on holidays.

And then there are those who celebrate the holidays sad. They had lost a loved one recently   maybe or maybe years ago and still is a holiday still reap the same memories of loss. However, they can also bring any tears, my times when they were with you and what they contributed to the holidays. Maybe it had been a tradition they had instilled or in a way that they had done something that had only belonged to them. Think back  does not include those amazing memories of when you remember, they are still “live” in the memory. It’s OK to smile in their memory. They hope that you could!

And no matter what position you are living in this holiday season, may your holidays be filled with wonderful memories and brilliant smile to last all year!

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