How To Cure Christmas Hangover

All the celebration involves alcohol tend to leave feeling brain dumb, numb and confused. These grounds vary in severity thereof; while you may be okay very next morning, most times, it may be severe cases when you try to call your razor even two days later. Christmas parties are notorious for causing such extreme cases, and this is when you need to look out for the common hangover cures to get your body and brain to feel normal again.

Keep in mind that the hangover can be very serious at times, and if you do not take adequate measures, might not only cause you embarrassment and ridicule, but could also end up in dangerous accidents (especially if you happen to run). Try the following steps to get over a hangover quick phone.


Hangover are best spent unconscious. The single best remedy that works better than anything else is some good sleep. The hangover, your body needs energy to make you feel better and your organs work overtime to reduce the effects of chemicals and toxins. All this leave you drowsy, and the best thing at the moment is sleeping in order to avoid falling, crashing into something, or throw up in unlikelier places.


When the floor stops swaying and you can find out where the bathroom is, run yourself a nice, warm, and (preferably) salt water bath. One of the best hangover cure is a hot bath because alcohol is actually a poison and a hot bath makes you sweat and releases substances from the body. It refreshes you and also makes you feel better.

Drink water

In case you are not in the know, alcohol is a severe dehydrating agent, due to the presence of ethanol. To make up for the loss of fluid from the body, you have to add it by drinking plenty of water. Not soda, soft drinks, but only plain water. Drinking water will also save you from dry heaving and help you release toxins in the form of vomiting. Not a very pleasant experience, but it will help you recover faster and get back to life.

Have Carbs

Mild hangover usually require vitamin rich food, but in extreme cases, you also need carbohydrates along with vitamins. Carbohydrates not only for energy but also absorb the alcohol from your system, to help you recover from your hangover faster. Hangover usually a great excuse to eat bread, potatoes, potato chips and pretzels, which are loaded with carbohydrates.


As a last resort, you can also try the drugs to restore your hangover. But remember that this must be done if all else fails. Over the counter pills can be counter-productive given the alcohol already in the system, and can make matters worse. You could take Aspirin based medication, but remember that this can also cause side effects such as stomach irritation.

Hangover can seem like the end of the world at the moment, but the world still goes on and you will be part of it again in the soonest possible time. Try this hangover cure the next time you put yourself through Fender Bender and ends with a semi-functional brain.

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