Land chance

Where is the United States of America? Most point to a table that shows the geography of North America. They know the borders with Canada and Mexico. Detached State of Alaska and Hawaii, as well as the territories of the US Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico complete geography of the United States. But America is more than land. There are people, American citizens, nature, history, and the vision of those who know the United States of America, where they go, what they say and do.

Americans come in many shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and many identify with tribal heritage which runs to Native America, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, South America, Australia and the myriad island nations. Men and women are Americans. The group families, the friendship they connect with communities and organizations. Some are true loners. What inspires all of these different people to mix their individuality with the independent spirit that was communicated and demonstrated by the founders of America? There are many answers, but one thing is universal: America is understood by all to be the land of opportunity. We can choose to elect representatives of many of our views and we can influence their vote to behave properly on our behalf.

We live busy lives, as did the Americans past, and so will the United States tomorrow. Is there a way to be inspired to appreciate this land of opportunity, a way to teach our young people about America, any more than each of us, a place to get away from living the dream of America in order to see America? Yes. There are hundreds of places to do it, many of which are maintained for the American people in the National Park System.

National Parks are our monuments and battlefields, but mostly, they offer great expanses of land that look at how the country did before Native Americans came tens of thousands of years ago. Garden are rich in scenery, teeming with abundant wildlife, and they belong to the American people. Most Americans never see them! They are too busy to plan a trip, even the gardens that are only hours away from home. Yet people from all over the world will spend a small fortune to see the beautiful American national parks, because they have nothing so grand as those in their own country.

These places are intended to restore our spirits, to reaffirm our unity with one another, as well as destinations where your family can build on the experience and memory. Great visionaries and philanthropists gave us these parks, not just to create a legacy of his time, but to show everyone who followed them how magnificent and valuable is our land! We have a responsibility to our national parks and to add our voice to those who would protect and preserve them for future generations. If this does not inspire you, visit them for the fun they are, and take up such inspiration for the land of opportunity you can along the way.

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